Pako- The Car Chase Simulator

Review by Chris


So let’s talk about Pako!

No, it’s not a Pixar character, but rather a car chase game where you (and your trusty automobile) desperately flee an onslaught of law enforcement while dodging traffic, tanks and various other chunks of civilization.

pako2There are no gas or breaks, just a right turn button and a left turn button. This limited control, mixed with the chaos around you, makes for a lot of short runs, so get ready for a cuss-filled adjustment period after download.

The levels are varied, and the built in sharing (Facebook and Twitter) and recording options (microphone and video recording) makes Pako a game with a decent amount of social media potential.

pako3All in all, the smooth functionality and instant accessibility of the levels in thsi game made for a great causal experience.  I look forward to testing the social media functionality on Grog Boat’s Facebook Page.