What We Do in The Shadows

Reviewed by Vladislav (just this once)

Ladies, gentlemen, and other such creatures, it is the year 2015, and what better way to celebrate than to acknowledge that most of the movies this year have been lackluster. Therefore, let us travel back in time to glorious 2014 to dig up a little gem of awesomeness.

As the reviews humbly point out in a non-hegemonic fashion, this movie is HILARIOUS! Also, vampires.

Comedic duo Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement bring us What We Do in The Shadows, a mockumentary on the lives of four vampire flatmates and their struggles in the twenty-first century. We watch these guys struggle with the adversaries of the modern world: the internet, club bouncers, hooligan werewolf packs, and the ever present need for acceptance. Also, this year isn’t just any old year. This year welcomes the Unholy Masquerade: a costume ball for all creatures dark and undead. Banshees, vampires, zombies. And every year there is a very special guest of honor. Needless to say, our little quartet of vampires is very keen to make a good appearance. But what with their new and rebellious fledgling, Nick, and his benevolent computer buddy, Stu, will they be able to make the cut?

We have Viago, Deacon, Vladislav (yay, me :D), and Petyr. Viago is an eighteenth century Dentist who is the cheerier of the lot. He has almost a maternal feel to him as he does his best to make the little vampire coven feel like a family. He also harbors a love for a mortal woman called Josephine, which is in the bloom of her mortal life, in a retirement home.

Vladislav leaks male machismo whenever he’s in the shot with his epic mustachios and brooding eyebrows. He used to be the vampire of vampires. A creature renown through the ages for his brutality, lust, and grand acts of debauchery. Alas, ever since his encounter with the “Beast” he has never been the same. He now struggles to regain his former glory.

Deacon, himself, is the “bad boy” of the group. He was turned vampire by Petyr in a “dark and creepy castle.” To go into his story doesn’t seem like a good way to give you a portrait of his character. So I have this gif instead:

Case and point.

And lastly, we have Petyr, the oldest vampire from them all. He seems to be a lot more savage in his manner and more closely resembles Nosferatu from the original vampire flicks.

Anywho, this little film is a ball of fun. It definitely feels like a documentary, and all the jokes are spot on. The characters are a riot to watch, and the stupid situations they get themselves in should crack a smile or ten. It’s well written, and a lot of creativity went into it. The laughs are actually quite clever and well thought out. With vampire flicks having such a bad rep, this movie definitely did its best to up the game on the Vampire genre, comedic or otherwise.

Overall, a definite yarn ball of fun, AND YOU’RE THE CAT! Go unravel that ball. RIGHT NOW.

Also, this, because, yeah…