Learning How to Learn, a Review

by Chris

I am a lifelong learner. Well, more accurately, I am a lifelong start-to-learn-then-slack-off-but-maybe-go-back-to-it-in-a-few-months-…er. I’m only human, after all.

As many of you probably know, leaving the comfortable womb of the classroom environment (yes, you are welcome for that mental image) presents a horrifying lack of ongoing accountability to instructors that made even the laziest of us get the coursework done.

So, how did I begin to counteract the horrors of my own inability to commit to a basic education routine? Luckily, Coursera hosts a UC San Deigo online course I took a while back called Learning How to Learn.

The course teaches you how your brain works in different modes of thought, how to optimize your mental performance and also gives you techniques like the pomodoro technique, which can help you digest larder workloads. Think of the course as an orientation to adult learning, though I wish I had taken this as early as high school.

While going through it once gave me a foundation on which to build my education habits, I am making an effort to review this course on a regular basis, just to make sure I have the key concepts internalized.

There are many materials out there to help you improve your productivity, and I will be looking at many of these in the future; however, I found that this course was particularly useful at instilling in me the fundamentals of learning in a clear and straightforward way.

Keep in mind that this course can’t carry you to the finish line. At the end of the day,  it’s up to you to build these techniques and insights into your routine.