Weekly Podcast Plunder

By Chris

Thank god for podcasts. They have taken over music as my go-to company for long road trips, and their convenient format lets me easily engage with fascinating interviews and listen in on the minds of comedy geniuses at work (looking at you, Monday Morning Podcast!)

I wanted to keep an ongoing record of my favorite podcast episodes on a weekly basis. Every Wednesday, I’ll be adding a podcast from the previous week that I enjoyed, be it due to the episode’s utility, comedy or a fascinating subject matter. So, if you’re bound for an arduous journey, and are in need of accompaniment without having to subject yourself to the horrors of an occupied passenger’s seat, check in to see if there’s anything you’d like.

This week, I wanted to feature an episode of The Art of Manliness Podcast. On this episode, entitled “Why Group Culture is so Important to Success,” host Brett McKay interviewed author Daniel Coyle about the nature of group culture, and its importance to our performance. The conversation touches on group cultures ranging from Pixar creative teams to the trenches of WW1.

I found the focus on group culture provided a lot of context to the teamwork and self-improvement books that have read over the years, and it should be an interesting supplement to your teamwork development, as well.

Click this link to visit the episode’s page on artofmanliness.com.

Further exploration

Daniel Coyle wrote “The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups”. Those looking for more insights from the author can start there.

Aside from the author’s work, I would recommend a book called “Extreme Ownership: How Navy SEALS Lead and Win.” This book was written by Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, and focuses more on the individual experience and its effects on group dynamics.


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