Friday Song of The Week – Fly for Your Life

Dear Chris and Listener,

Thank you for Safe From the Storm. As you said, it’s’ brief and simple. And it’s exactly what we need some times. Something to hit the pause button of your life, and take you somewhere pleasant. After a rather stressful week, this song took me to a desolate beach still wet from the rain were anthropomorphized sea turtles played Caribbean steel drums.

My suggestion for this week is Gunship’s Fly For Your Life. It’s a synthwave track, and though I am not much of a fan for the genre, the synergy of the visuals and music is the best combination of sound and animation I’ve seen in yet. A pair of pilots fight for their lives across the skies as love lyrics seamlessly compliment every beat in the visual narrative. This is more or less a Masterclass on how to shoot and animate an action sequence. And not just in the superb way in which the tension and stakes mount, but also on how to infuse poetry in something so high-octane and violent.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The track list for February:

Fly For Your Life by Gunship

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