Dear Vladi and listener,

As requested, I turned off the lights and put on my headphones for Nostalgia. I found myself alternating between absorbing the music with my eyes closed and actively watching the video (with them open, obviously.)ย  It was captivating to see the sincere intensity of the band build with the music, and it was interesting to watch the faces of the audiences as they were caught up in the song.

This Monday’s song is going to contrast with Nostalgia pretty sharply. The brief and bubbly flavor of “Safe from the Storm” (the name isn’t actually capitalized on the track listing, but I’m a rebel) by Louie Zong.

It’s so easygoing and brief that I don’t actually have any specific listening recommendations; just fit this tiny track anywhere you can spare a little over two minutes and let it brighten your day.

The track list to close out January is as follows:

โ€œFind Meโ€ by Marcus D (Ft. Jun)

โ€œHideโ€ย by FKA Twigs

โ€œI Am Hereโ€ by Funky DL

โ€œEl Pescadorโ€ by Banda Magda

โ€œEmpiresโ€ by Electric Swing Circus

โ€œJungleโ€ by Tash Sultana

โ€œNever Knew a Thing (Live)โ€ by Kileza

โ€œTime of Extinctionโ€ (์†Œ๋ฉธ์˜ ์‹œ๊ฐ„) by Jambinai (์ž ๋น„๋‚˜์ด)

โ€œHi-Lightsโ€ byย Savlonic.

โ€œCommon Groundโ€ by Kognitif ft. The Mic Jordon

โ€œBelieveโ€ by Kenichiro Nishihara ft. Cise Starr

โ€œGerudo Valley (Metal Version)โ€ by Machinae Supremacy

โ€œBloody Tearsโ€ by Naoto Shibata Project

โ€œSatting Sail Home (End Theme)โ€ by Darren Krob

โ€œOri and The Blind Forest (Main Theme)โ€ by Gareth Coker

โ€œA Gallant Gentlemanโ€ by We Lost The Sea

โ€œNostalgiaโ€ by Mono

Safe From the Storm” by Louie Zong.

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