Hi-Lights — Monday Song of the Week

Hey Vladi,

Sorry about the week-long delay there; at least it gave me some time to savour “Time of Extinction”.  The song has a really good build throughout, and if they ever do a remake of “Blade”, there should be a legal obligation to put this on the soundtrack.

The song I want to kick to you this week is a nod to your highschool love for the 80’s, at least as far as the music video is concerned. This is “Hi-Lights“, by Savlonic. If you remember the old tunes I showed you of this fictional electronic band, you’ll notice that this song has less emphasis on lyrical punchlines and absurdity. Instead, “Hi-Lights” basks in the instrumentals and its neon-blasted 80’s vibe.

Hopefully it gives you an urge to play Vice City again.

The track list so far:

Find Me” by Marcus D (Ft. Jun)

Hide” by FKA Twigs

I Am Here” by Funky DL

El Pescador” by Banda Magda

Empires” by Electric Swing Circus

Jungle” by Tash Sultana

Never Knew a Thing (Live)” by Kileza

Time of Extinction” (소멸의 시간) by Jambinai (잠비나이)

Hi-Lights” by Savlonic.

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