El Pescador – Friday Song of the Week

Chris, and listener,

I dug the Autonomy track you sent me. I enjoyed the trumpet melody line that contrasted his vocals. The trumpet was just blowing carefree notes while his voice delivered the rhymes in an intense contrast. It was an enjoyable blend of hip hop, soul, and jazz.

This week I’m going to share a track with you which impresses me in its layering. Don’t get me wrong, the aesthetics lack for nothing – Banda Magda’s El Pescador has a big band Mediterranean sound that will get your foot nodding. But the sequence in which the instruments join in, weave through eachother, and finally climax, is absolute finesse. This track could be on Masterclass teaching composers and audio engineers how to make and layer a track.

I think it’s nothing short of criminal to listen to this song on an iPhone or a tablet. Make sure you got yourself a proper headset or at least decent speakers. This is a song you have to listen to at least two or three times. The first time you’ll hear the aesthetic and the lead melodies, which granted, are great. The second time you’ll start paying attention to the many melody lines and rhythms playing off eachother. And from the third time on, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a sense of the spectacular chaos sculpted by the many musical elements of this gorgeous track.

So far we have have built the following playlist:

Find Me” By Marcus D (Ft. Jun)

Hide” by FKA Twigs

I Am Here” by Funky DL

El Pescador” by Banda Magda

Happy listening 😉


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