I Am Here– Monday Song of The Week


I really didn’t think that, if the music you had recommended to me a year ago was any indication, the rabbit hole could go any deeper, but here we are.

I found the instrumental minimalism complimented her voice, giving it a haunting and organic beauty. Admittedly, this will have to be an acquired taste for me, but I’m certainly going to look further into her music.

My recommendation for this week comes from Funky DL, an artist whose album I had covered not long ago. I want to use this week as an underscoring of my praise for that album, and I spent a good deal of time agonizing over which song to pluck from the track list.

I finally settled on “I Am Here“. While the lyrics for this song lack the social focus that made much album’s offerings shine, this song is was perfect snapshot of Funky DL’s lyrical style, as well as a great song for personal motivation. If this song appeals to you, I recommend giving the full album a listen.

So far we have have built the following playlist:
“Find Me” By Marcus D (Ft. Jun)

“Hide” by FKA Twigs

“I Am Here” by Funky DL
Let’s keep it up!

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