Hide – Friday Song of the Week

Dear Chris, and listener,

I want to reciprocate the gesture of sharing a piece of your world with me.

As this is the first time we do this exchange, I also want to share something that currently reflects some small part of my world.

I recently met a friend who pushed me further down the rabbit hole of obscure, yet wonderful music. She also shares my love for trip hop, but unlike me she has done more than just dip a toe.

The track that I want to share with you is “Hide” by FKA Twigs.  It’s a bare bones trip hop track. Tahliah’s voice doesn’t leave you wanting for anything. It rises and falls between the weaves of a day-dreaming jazz guitar. The precussion is simple and works. The bass pops its head up when it’s needed, but is always noticed. More than anything, this track has a unique musical idea and identity that is so rare to find in the trip hop universe. With so many preformers trying to outdo eachother on producing the freshest sound, FKA Twigs just does it. And like all great preformers, they do it better live.

FKA Twigs – Hide (live)

Thank you for sharing this experience with me.


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