Find Me — Monday Song of The Week

Hey Vladi,

For the inaugural song recommendation, I wanted to do a tribute to my trip to Japan, where I showed you “Greater Purpose” by Marcus D, featuring the stellar contributions of Cise Starr. After due consideration, I looked to Marcus D’’s LP, Lone Wolf.

While the LP has many worthwhile tracks, a couple even featuring Cise Starr, I wanted to switch things up and give another one of Marcus D’’s collaborations the spotlight.

I downloaded “Find Me“, featuring the soothing vocals of Jun, shortly before my springtime trip to Japan. I can still remember sleepily listening to the track as the plane made its way down the north end of Japan, finally finding Narita Airport.

The song’s lyrics are almost exclusively Japanese, and I have thus far resisted the urge to translate it. As I slowly learn the language, it has been a pleasure to unlock more and more of the lyrics. It’s one of the many rewards I have for my efforts.

Admittedly, this track may not fit your extract taste, but it’s worth the experiment if it gives you a fraction of the peace it gives me. I suggest giving it a listen during a long trip, preferably when you’’re in the mood to let a song carry you away.

Let me know what you think, and I look forward to your recommendation at the end of the week.


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