Hollow Knight’s Upcoming Release


Image courtesy of Team Cherry

By Chris


Indie developer Team Cherry recently announced that Feb 27 will be the release date for their debut game “Hollow Knight“, for PC and Mac. In addition, Team Cherry has announced that this game will also be available for the Nintendo Switch, which the studio hopes to have had released not long after their PC/Mac release.

In this game, you explore an insect world, platforming and battling foes along the way.

The visuals look wonderfully dark and quirky, and the world will feature a cast of characters and even a town in which you can purchase items and converse with the locals. There is an apparent focused on exploration, with detailed backgrounds and several regions (fungal wastelands, bone forests and city ruins). Throughout the world, there will be secrets areas, enemies, and loot.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing features that have been advertised was “dream diving”, where you can explore the minds of friends and enemies. Depending on how this idea is executed, this may be far in the way my favorite aspect of the game.

With a price tag of $15.00 (USD), this title has great potential, provided the final product realizes the potential of its stated features. I look forward to seeing for myself how these ideas are executed.


Image courtesy of Team Cherry.


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