Bleed Sequel to Launch Feb 8


By Chris

If you’ve perused the Grog Boat archive, you will already have a sense of my anticipation for the February 8 launch date of Bootdisk Revolution’s “Bleed 2”. The subject of a positive review and a follow-up interview with creator Ian Campbell, the next adventure of purple-haired protagonist (Wryn) will be the subject of a forthcoming review.

With a division of labour in its development cycle (a soundtrack by Jukio Kallio and sound design by Joonas Turner) Bleed 2 shows promise as an all-around step up from its predecessor. While the more sophisticated audio is a welcome addition, this game’s arcade style necessitates that it boast tight gameplay and controls. From what I’ve seen in gameplay demo, the more integrated sword mechanics merge seamlessly with the existing control scheme.

Ultimately, I’ll have to wait about another week to see how the sequel stacks up to the original, and how much of a step forward it is. In the meantime, I managed to fire a few questions Ian’s way, for your enjoyment.


With the handing off of the soundtrack to Jukio Kallio, will we see the soundtrack of Bleed take a significantly different turn, or will this be a polishing of the original’s style?

Jukio and I shared the exact same vision of how the game should sound, which was very close to what I was trying to accomplish with the original — so it does come from the same place. But his creativity and mastery elevate the music about a thousand steps up… it’s definitely its own (better) thing too!

For fans of the first Bleed looking to climb the leader boards, to what gameplay changes will they be adapting?

Most obvious is the reflect as a core mechanic — maximizing damage from enemy attacks and bullets is a risky way to pull off better times. Also, you can hold as many weapons as you like now, so using them all together can give you a huge advantage if you’re up to the task!

You finished production of the first Bleed with leftover ideas that you would later integrate into Bleed. Are there any ideas that you had to hold back this time around that may appear in future games?

I’ve tried very hard to include every good or fun idea I had for Bleed 2 in the actual game (which is part of why it took so long to make!) The only thing to get cut was a mode that randomly generated levels, because it just wasn’t enjoyable. If I could design it better in the future, who knows!

**Spoiler Warning**

Am I going to be trapped in a giant apple (trapped in a giant dragon) again?

Spoiler warning!! Sadly, there are no giant apples or dragons featured in Bleed 2. There are other giant structures, like the massive enemy warship, so I hope you’ll look forward to being trapped inside that at some point!



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