Ookujira: Giant Whale Rampage

Ookujira title

Review by Chris

Now that springtime has arrived in my neck of the woods, with all its sunshine and joy, I figure it’s high time that I shut myself in and do another iOS review. Luckily, a charming little game called Ookujira caught my eye in the App Store.

Ookujira is an arcade game where you play as a giant whale. As said whale, it is your job save the innocent from an alien invasion. You do this by flopping across a seemingly endless city, destroying alien spaceships and crushing buildings. So, I guess you are something of an antihero (granted, a very cute one at that).

Ookujira3You break stuff, you get points. You break more stuff you get more points. As you collect floating diamonds (I know, I know), you can buy more power-ups to help you break things easier or for a longer duration. Obviously, character motivation isn’t a focal point of this game.  Diamonds accumulate with each run you do, and each run ends when your whale does a belly flop on the ground instead of on top of someone’s home. I suppose paved roads are a whale’s kryptonite.

The micro-transactions are ever-present, but are mercifully non-intrusive. I actually did buy an alternate whale, so that I may look fabulous as I etch myself in the nightmares of a generation of digital city-dwellers.

The aesthetics are, as you can see, quite stimulating, with bright colours and arcade music accompanying your mission to monopolize the destruction of civilization against your extra-terrestrial competitors.

See? And you thought I should get some natural sunlight.

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