By Chris

What could you say about this season that couldn’t lead to a Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back reference? If you watch the season, try seeing how many parallels you can draw between this volume and that movie.

The tone definitely got darker as they started to give the main story-line a shot in the ass, and I found myself enjoying even the last episode, where shit really hit the fan.

It’s hard to avoid diving into spoiler territory when talking about this season, but I like a good challenge.

The Vital Festival Tournament provided a fan-service orgy, and also managed to introduce some new characters to the line-up, though I’m not sure if Rooster Teeth plans on fleshing them out, or if they were just flashy one-timers.

Sun and Neptune didn’t really get as much play in this season, though that was probably for the best, as we would probably have been on subplot overload.

It was great to see both Winter and Qrow finally make appearances, instead of just being mentioned. Qrow definitely stole the show when he was on-screen, and the relationship between Winter and Weiss is still a little murky from my perspective,

This was the first volume in which I could really say there were high stakes and losses that will no doubt add weight to the coming volume.

They’ve been hyping up both Blake’s and Yang’s story-lines for a few seasons now, and I’m hoping for a huge payoff in the near future.

In addition, we’re going to have to see some Rocky-style training if teams RWBY and JNPR hope to take on the baddies, judging from what we’ve seen so far.

Do I have to say it? Yes, it was a lot of fun,. Yes, I’m looking forward to Volume 4.


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