I’m Gonna Die Alone (and I Feel Fine)


Review by Chris

It’s encouraging to see Netflix feature so many stand-up routines. A teenage me, trying desperately to get my stand-up fix from cable TV, would salivate at the opportunity to binge on a virtual buffet of comics. At least I can enjoy in adulthood what was denied to me as a child.

So who is worth watching? Of the many viable candidates, I wanted to focus on Jen Kirkman today. A writer and actress, Kirkman’s sharp wit makes for a solid stand-up experience.

If you are flipping through Netflix, I highly recommend her special I’m Gonna Die Alone (and I Feel Fine). Her material spans from the lamentation of the stupid among us to her own post-divorce life. I find that the best comedy acts are ones that dig into the comic’s experiences. Kirkman, with expert delivery, does just that.

To avoid jumping too deep into pompous pontificating, I’ll leave it at this: Kirkman’s special kept me locked in from beginning to end, and it compelled pass it along to my friends. So watch it.


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