F is for Family

Review by Chris

F is for family

Given the overbearing legacy of The Simpsons, I’d be remiss if I did not compare Bill Burr’s F is for Family to Matt Groening’s dysfunctional family-centred animated comedy. If the vulgar yet heartfelt early seasons of The Simpsons are the gold standard for the genre, then “F” is for Family lands a solid silver in my books.

Mixing serialized episodes with individual storylines within shows, you’re left with the ability to appreciate miniature plots within each episode while still watching the larger story develop the family.

The humour is much more graphic and vulgar than what would typically be on television, but none of this, in my opinion, is without purpose. The politically incorrect humour draws a picture of a time that was less focused on sensitivity and builds a more realistic picture of how both children and adults communicate when left to their own devices. Even the slapstick humour is placed well, allowing for the occasional moments of tension to be relived with a big laugh.

There’s no shortage of archetypes for the main characters to lean on, and you may more than once find yourself muttering the clique, “Simpsons did it” while watching, but the characters are relatable enough to keep your emotional investment. Hopefully, we will see more characters fleshed out in subsequent seasons.

If you enjoyed The Simpsons and wanted to see a series that carries the torch of the raunchy but heartfelt comedy, F is for Family is definitely work a try,

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