5 Issues I Hope Fallout 5 Fixes


By Chris

While I enjoyed my experience in The Commonwealth, I couldn’t help but notice that with the myriad improvements Bethesda made to the gameplay, they introduced some immersion-killing elements. Here are 5 issues I hope Bethesda fixes for the next installment:

Remove the Dialogue Wheel

Its addition was a terrible solution to a problem that didn’t even exist in the first place.

The dialogue wheel condenses entire responses to tiny, bite-sized descriptors that almost always fail to convey the weight of what’s said.

For a paint-by-numbers action adventure, a dialogue wheel can streamline that pesky story development and shove you into the next gunfight, but it is poison for a roleplaying experience.

To make matters worse, companion affinity is often affected by dialogue choice (a mechanic you introduced just this game).


Reduce the Amount of Customizable Settlements

This may seem like a downgrade, but really look at the whole picture. Fallout: New Vegas was brimming with settlements, from the old west town of Goodsprings, to the rugged Red Rock Canyon and the glimmering New Vegas. Fallout 4 has many settlements marked on the map, but they are all cookie cutter settlements created by you, rather than settlements with unique characters and questlines.

I liked the building mechanic, but I think Fallout 3’s Big Town provided the perfect model for how it should be executed. Big Town is a settlement made of exiled residents of Little Lamplight. The town is in serious need of protection and education on how to survive the wastes. This could be a perfect town to cultivate, and would provide a satisfying roleplaying arc.


Add More Voices

I’ll accept that we’re moving into the era of people wanting a voice to the character that they are playing as, but can we at least have some diversity? Having a generic male and a generic female voice is a wildly insufficient substitute for the array of tones and inflections you can craft in your own mind while reading dialogue text. Hell, even Dragon Age: Inquisition gave me two voice types.


Fix Legendary Creatures

In Fallout: New Vegas, you would have to seek out a unique legendary creature with buffed stats. It was a thrilling hunt and a benchmark test for how far you’ve progressed with your character (killed the Legendary Bloatfly with my melee character, thank you very much).

By Contrast, Fallout 4 features generic buffed characters with a tacked-on legendary status. No thrill of the hunt. No final boss0level challenge. Just unique loot.

Speaking of loot…


Cut Back on the Loot Whoring

I can’t stress enough how tedious it is to horde a Costco level supply of virtually identical items. You may think you’re adding a boatload of content, but the reality is that you’ll always end up with one of two choice ensembles, and a closet full of “almost up to snuff” items you’ll never shoot, swing or wear.

If you want to add variants on the appearance, that’s another story. Mixing and matching styles to make your Vault Dweller look like the baddest of the asses would actually make the hoarding worth it.

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