grimm eclipse

Review by Chris

Over the holidays I had the pleasure of playing through the early access edition of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. Originally a fan-made game, Rooster Teeth has since picked up this project and is in the process of running it to a full release.

This online multiplayer game allows you to join a group as Ruby, Weiss, Blake or Yang and fight off waves of Grimm as you progress through a series of settings familiar to fans of the show. Each character has a unique set of moves, but follows the same general patterns of long and short ranged attacks, providing some balance and shifting character selection more towards character preference than ability preference.

Being a wave-based beat-em-up, the standard is pretty much set in stone. Do you like the power fantasy of pounding away at hordes of enemies with your friends? If yes, enjoy! If no, move on!

During my play-through, I found the gameplay smooth and easy to grasp. The leveling system is straightforward, with points being allocated either to one of three branching skills, or to a selection of basic stat upgrades.


Given RWBY’s cartoonish/amime style, there were no enormous graphical standards to meet. Visually speaking, the characters and enemies are faithful to the series. The environments are spacious, but repetitive within levels, as might be expected for games in this genre.

All in all, this game seems to fit well within expectations for team-based beat-em-ups. An expansion of levels and characters could see this game be a decent release one it is completed. Adding some flair to the environments and more tricks to advanced enemies can help elevate further. I would also love to see some variation in the fighting styles of each character.

As it stands now, I’d recommend this game to long-time fans of the series, provided they don’t mind waiting for the completed product. In the meantime, we still have the third volume of RWBY to keep us entertained.

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