Fallout 4 so far


By Chris

It wasn’t until the day before release that the Fallout 4 hype really set in. It was like an early Christmas, but with a horrible question lurking overhead: would it be any good?

To be fair, with the E3 reveal of the voiced protagonist and the introduction of the conversation wheel, I had plenty of reason to be anxious. I’ve always loved the distance the Fallout games kept with their protagonists. Sure there were dialogue options, but emotions like sarcasm or anger weren’t spelled out, and I can imagine each character I created delivering the lines in their own way. Instead, now we’re relegated to a default male and female voice (so much for my Dirty Harry post-apocalypse power fantasies).

All things considered, though, the protagonist voice acting isn’t a deal breaker for role-playing immersion, it would just be better with a Clint Eastwood voice over DLC. On second thought, that may have been Bethesda’s plan all along. Clever bastards.

The dialogue wheel is another story. I’d like to respond to a question in this game without the options being yes, no, maybe or act like a douche. I really hope they bring back straightforward dialogue options going forward, but that’s just the opinion of one humble, anal-retentive fan.

Given that my schedule permits me only brief romps out in the wastes, and that I want to go in-depth into a variety of topics related to Fallout 4, I’ll be separating this review into installments. For those looking for an overall recommendation, Fallout 4 is worth purchasing, but the changes in weapon wear, dialogue, narrative and aesthetics may take an adjustment period. A Vault Boy thumbs-up from me.

Join me next time when I talk about one of my favorite fallout subjects: the Ghouls!

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