AstraBy Chris

Today we’ll be taking a look at Astra, a Greek-flavored platformer. Astra, like most of its kind, keeps the controls to a minimum. Instead, count on the physics and the environment to do the lion’s share of character manipulation. Simplicity, itself.

The game plays smoothly and has a reasonable difficulty curve that leans a little towards the easy side, I’ve found.

astra2As you progress in this series of asteroid obstacle courses, you will be rewarded, based on three categories: time, enemies defeated and stars collected.

The visuals are charming, with enemies that seem to have been peeled right off ancient Greek pottery. The music can get repetitious, but not so much as to break the enjoyment of the game.

astra3Overall, this is a pleasant little morning bus ride game for those tired of tower/vault/city/everything building games that constantly nag for your minimal participation.

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