Pixel Cup Soccer

PCS1Review by Chris

One of my earliest iOS reviews was for a game called Uppercup Football. Blending turn-based movements and sadistic obstacles with the traditional sport, Uppercup Football was not the puck-up-and-play iOS soccer experience I was expecting (but in a pleasant way, at least).

Pixel Cup Soccer, on the other hand, was precisely what I was expecting from a retro-style casual soccer game. With minimal buttons and immediate gameplay, I found this to be an ideal casual sport game for playing on the go. And now I have to take a scalding-hot shower for using the term “on the go”.

pcs2The game offers a “Cup” mode, a 2-player mode and a “Quick Match” mode to keep you entertained. And you can select from 16 national teams. Gotta say, though, I’m a little sad not to see the old maple leaf represented. I’ll just have to nurse my sadness by playing as Germany.

For those looking for a soccer experience that isn’t a typical FIFA game or as off-the-walls as Uppercup Football, Pixel Cup Soccer is for you.

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