Red vs Blue Season 13 (brief afterthoughts)

redvsblueBy Chris

This past Monday saw the finale of Red vs Blue’s 13th season. This episode brought to a close a three-season story arc that saw the development of Pvt. Tucker, the introduction of what may be the next generation of Reds and Blues, and the return of characters from the freelancer seasons (9 and 10). All in all, it was a solid last season to a more laid back arc than its immediate predecessor.

With season 14 on the way, will Red vs Blue have the staying power? Well, of course it will. In scrolling through YouTube comment sections you may find yourself crossed with a commenters bemoaning the fall from grace this series took after (insert season here). But what makes this series great is how they decided to experiment with the tone and just have fun with the characters. From its original incarnation, featuring a much more monotonous character range, to the current seasons, featuring a more animated incarnation of the Reds and Blues, the series has experimented with character development, sprawling stories and even some drama, all without losing its comedic core.

The next season will break from the previous trilogy and delve into multi-episode story arcs, and I anticipate it with glee. Until then, there’s always RWBY Volume 3.

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