Review by Chris

KW 1I wanted to take the time to spotlight a delightful little game for the iOS.

When looking to purchase a simple, quickly engaging puzzle game for the iOS, Kiwanuka is a solid choice. While a casual puzzle game (one that won’t leave you clawing your own eyes out) Kiwanuka is still fun enough to keep you engaged and challenged.

KW 2Your objective as the magic staff-wielder is to lead your people to a traveler who is imprisoned in a tiny pyramid. You can use the power of your magic staff to turn your followers into bridges, in order to maneuver the chasms and deadly platforms that impede your progress. Successfully completing a level frees the little traveler and rewards you with one of the catchiest, trippiest songs that will ever grace your ears.

The best way to describe the aesthetic of this game would be “the book of Exodus on an acid trip”. Granted, a large part of this is based on that sexy-ass music you get from rescuing a traveler.

KW 3

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