Fallout Shelter

Review by Chris

FOS1With Bethesda’s great gift of a 2015 launch date for Fallout 4, we’re just months away from a November in a brand new wasteland.

Then back to the desktop due to a crash…

Then back to the wasteland, and…

Back to the desktop…

Son of a bitch!

At least that is my prediction of how the experience, but that won’t sway me from scooping this game up on launch. I can deal with a rocky start if it means I get to play a new installation of my favorite RPG series.

Bethesda also released a mobile game called Fallout Shelter, which is based in the Fallout universe. So now I get to experience my regular crashes on the go!

FOS2The gist of the game is that you are the Overseer of your very own vault. You build it, attract dwellers, assign them tasks, pair them to mate, put pregnant women to work because you are that much of an asshole, and watch the children grow up. It’s after about the second or third child comes out that you come to the horrifying realization that you haven’t been keeping track of which parents conceived which children, and the cute game of baby matchmaker turns into a horrifying experience of webbed feet roulette.

Aside from that, you have resource meters for power, water and food, which you must keep adequately filled by allocating able-bodied dwellers to the appropriate rooms. You can also send dwellers out to die-errr “explore” in the wasteland. You can track their progress and their health via menu screen and recall them if you think one more mole rat tussle will bring them down. If any dwellers die, you can always revive them with caps (the in-game currency) or just abandon them with the faintest hope that they landed in a shallow grave. You know, the dignified way of dying in Fallout.

FOS3You can also collect lunch boxes by completing achievements. Lunch boxes offer bonuses, and can also be bought via in-app purchases. Luckily enough, these transactions aren’t put in place to turn the game into a pay-to-play endeavor. The game is fairly well paced.

It’s a decent The Sims-ish fallout game. Like I said before, I experienced some flustering crashes, but I’m confident that if the game continues to grow, they will work out these kinks. It’s free, anyway, so check it out if you are looking for your next Tiny Tower type experience.

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