Daredevil: The Series

Review by: Vladi Ardenski

So, living through the drought of springtime cinema, I decided to turn my gaze towards TV series so that I can make it through my movie withdraw. So I decided to spend a week in between Game of Thrones episodes to see Netflix’s Daredevil. A friend of mine recommended it and said it was a good watch. And shamelessly having nothing better to do with my time, I pursued this endeavor openheartedly.

Marvel’s Daredevil needs little introduction, but for those of you unaware, it is the origins story of Matt Murdock. Having suffered an accident as a child, he was blinded, but the toxic material that touched his eyes gave him extensively heightened senses. He can hear people’s heartbeats, any noises around him create a sonar-like experience where he can technically see without seeing. He is very strong and agile, and well versed in hand to hand combat.

Having his father murdered as a child, he decides to become a lawyer so that he can fight for justice. Along with his best friend Franklin “Foggy” Nelson and their mutual friend and colleague, Karen Page, they try to bring down the crime lord, Wilson Fisk, more commonly known in the Marvel universe as the Kingpin.

The episodes are done quite well and keep you asking for more. The characters are interesting and intriguing. Both Karen and Foggy have their own significant place in the story, and aren’t just mere sidekick backdrops as is common in other TV series. The main lead is done very well also. Charlie Cox does a great job being both charming and intriguing. He has an interesting duality going on for him. One moment he’s a quiet dignified lawyer, placating you with his calm and soothing voice, the next he’s beating some guy senseless, telling them to get their shit together with a Batman voice. Also, red Ozzy glasses. +5pts.

What’s a good superhero without a good supervillain? Vincent D’Onforio knocks it out of the park as Wislon Fisk, Daredevil’s main adversary. I gotta say, I think his performance is the best by far in this whole show. He is a big, mean looking guy, yet he seems so vulnerable and morally conflicted at times. I really didn’t know to make of him for the first few episodes. Then slowly, bit by bit, you see his violent psychopath come out. And even then, he bounces between the two personalities, always keeping you guessing which one you are going to get. Very fun character to watch. Great performance.

I gotta say I enjoyed this series quite a lot. It isn’t no Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, but compared to some of the other superhero series we’ve gotten, (Gotham anyone? *shudder*) this show is pretty decent. The action is fun and well choreographed, the dialogue and character interactions are well done, and there’s more than a few moments where the episodes end on such a high note that you just gotta say “f*ck work/school in the morning” and play the next one. In my humble opinion, the show starts to loose a bit of steam near the end. The phrases “I have to protect this city,” “I will rebuild this city,” “This city needs me,” “Fisk can’t get away with it,” become one too many to bare. And to be fair, it’s an origins story, so it does a lot of setting up for Season 2, and there is more than one interesting plot point that really has me looking forward for more.

Also, Rosario Dawson is in this, and if like me, you think she is some ancient sex Goddess born again, being the epitome of all that is sexy and awesome, you’ll probably enjoy her appearances. 

Rosario Tax.

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