Last Voyage

LV 1By Chris

With games like Last Voyage, we return to where the iOS holds steady ground over its console and PC competitors. The atmospheric puzzle game has been an ongoing darling of the App Store, and Last Voyage is a recent and cozy addition to this roster.

A review of this game can be mercifully summary. Last Voyage consists of a blend of spacial reasoning, basic puzzle solving and, at times, reflex testing. In the age of souls-sucking tutorial sessions, it’s nice to see a game that says “screw it” and throws you into the adventure, trusting you to be able to find your way through the puzzles without drooling on the device.

lv3The aesthetics are pleasant, which shouldn’t be a shock given the game’s minimalist design. You’ll see pretty shapes and nice colour combinations, but don’t expect a Jurassic Park moment where you stand up in your Jeep and shit your pants as a Brontosaurus mozzies on by.

The controls are responsive, and the puzzle mechanics lend themselves well to the iPad. I would recommend a larger screen for the purposes of object management.

lv2All in all, this game does what it came to do. I would have loved to see a strong story presence instead of an atmospheric venture, but there’s always room for that in a sequel. Don’t worry about that whole “Last Voyage” thing; we can suspend our disbelief, just ask FINAL Fantasy 15.

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