FreeStyle 2 So Far…

FS2 1

By Chris

Back from a longer-than-usual Easter break with freshly charged batteries, I wanted to fill you all in on a game I had been playing over the long weekend. FreeStyle 2, recently made available on Steam, is an online street basketball game that is free to play (with microtransactions at the ready, of course).

Opting for cartoonish visuals over the realism of more mainstream sports games, you can stylize your selected character in colorful and outlandish fashion options.  The characters are all premade, with new additions being constantly added (which is where the in-game currency comes into play).  All in all, the game isn’t unplayable as a free character, and the microtransactions are reasonable for those who wish to find their favorite position and purchase a corresponding special character to level up for the long run.

FS2 2Gameplay runs smoothly enough, but you can expect some lags and drop-outs.  This is nothing game-breaking, but if you’re one of those people who will have an aneurism if your frame rate drops for a moment, I’d take heed.

As mentioned before, this game does have an RPG-esque leveling system, which does add a certain grind factor into what should be, at its core, a pick up and play game. Still, as long as you are facing people around your character’s experience level, your experience shouldn’t be reduced to a match of measuring numbers.

With these free to play games, the question becomes “is it worth your time?”  With a friend or two (teams are 3v3), I can give a solid “yes”, so far.  The matches are quickly paced, so if you find yourself in a disheartening beating, you won’t have to suffer the League of Legends-style 20 minute ass-whooping.

One thought on “FreeStyle 2 So Far…

  1. Great review of an overlooked game by many! I don’t even think it hit the front page of steam when it came out. Keep it up.


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