Combo Queen


Review by Chris

Run to the right.

Tap the right side of the screen at a precise time to execute a successful attack.

Tap the left side of the screen at a precise time to execute a successful block.

Get your ass kicked.



Now that you have the gist of Combo Queen, I don’t have to spend time dolling it up for you. It’s a straightforward game that’s worthwhile if you’re looking for the progeny of Guitar Hero and Conan the Barbarian.

As indicated in my rant about “RPG elements”, I don’t consider a game to be a true RPG unless there is a strong immersion factor, as well as the freedom to shape your own character. In this sense, regardless of its leveling system, I place Combo Queen firmly in the realm of action, and action is where Combo Queen performs admirably. This is a simple, fast-paced game that has kicked my ass again and again. If games of timing turned me on, I’d be halfway to married life with Combo Queen.


The visuals are competently done, though I do find it hard to tell precisely when I need to attack and defend based on the hit triggers. I’m trying to avoid the term “retro”, but between the pixel art and the Game Boy-style music, the description is unavoidable.

All in all, Combo Queen a worthwhile game.

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