Star Wars Rant Episode 1: Darth Curious

Star Wars

By Ryan:

Everyone knows what it is. I’m a fan, and you’re probably a fan. You’re sister isn’t, but her new born baby cousin will one day feel the awakening himself. Everyone has had a taste of the space opera’s milk in a galaxy far, far away. A franchise that, in wake of being reborn, has now become what could possibly be the most future proof investment in all of entertainment history. The Star Wars phenomena. It changed the life of the sci-fi genre in the 70s. It awoken the force in an entirely new generation at the turn of the century. And now, as we trek closer to the most anticipated movie of the year, let us ponder on some questions. Thinking big picture like I usually do, one question comes to mind immediately. What does the future hold for Star Wars?

Believe me, I love this idea to death. That once more, new generations of minds will see something they have never seen before and feel a new sense of hope and wonder. They will shiver with goose bumps over what they see before them, and the tantalizing excitement of what’s beyond. They will feel like a child all over again. What excites me the most about Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens, and the future of Star Wars, is that for the first time since The Empire Strikes Back, we do not know where we are going! Helpless geek, young minds, and your average movie go’er, all touched by the force of Star Wars, are lost in the mystery among the stars.

And so we ask ourselves, those geeks and younglings and even your average movie go’er , those questions that cloud the future of the force. What has happened after Return of the Jedi? What exciting events and emotions did we miss over the course of 30 years? So many questions, but how will they be answered? Whatever the next generations of fans get with new Star Wars movies, it will probably keep Disney financially secure for the next 50 years. But, do you really want a Star Wars movie every year for.. the next..50 years? Look to your big eared friend at Disney for the answer.

Mickey must wield the light side and not give into the temptation of the dark side. Here’s where big picture thinking needs to take control of the force that is the Star Wars machine. Disney needs to think smart, and keep the magic alive. How can you do that? Take a few lessons from the Marvel phase experiment, but make our Star Wars special! Take all the time you need to make it right. Quality over quantity, but quantity in the right space. Quality and magic with movies, and quantity with freedom with one or two television series. These two outlets are the main sources of exposure. Treat this with care Mickey, and don’t give in to the once embodied “everything to the max” creations of your predecessor, George Lucas.

Starting off with the original idea from the creator and perceived villain himself. Star Wars, at one point or another, was supposedly meant to be a 12 episode saga. Throughout its evolving history, we’ve heard things from Lucas that this was about the story line of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader, then becoming the story about the Skywalker Family. One of the next most important questions for the future of the Star Wars franchise, and to its beloved fans is this, are you willing to let go of what made you love Star Wars, and risk losing or gaining attachment to something new? Here’s how the debate over “storylines” could be handled.

Universe-building. “Skywalker”, “Vader”, “Obi-Wan”, “Yoda”…all of these characters and references become known as the SKY WALKER SAGA. Movies, tv, comics, and merch all fit into this category. Episodes 1-9 or 1-12 become the movies of this saga. Lucas never intended to make Star Wars follow ups, and to build the universe episodically. The first movie was released as “Star Wars.” Things can evolve over time. With Disney in control, rebranding everything in titled sagas can then open the universe to unlimited possibilities. If milk runs dry from one cash cow, bring in another.

A new saga shall begin. New characters, new life, and new everything. All within the STAR WARS universe, but the beginning of a new story and era. Who says STAR WARS has to be about jedi’s, sith, and lightsabers? Imagine sagas like comic books: Star Wars The New Saga Title: Episode 1: The Adjective Noun. Put it on your shelf next to the complete Star Wars Skywalker Saga Episode 1-12. I would tell myself “Man it feels good to be excited for more Star Wars movies 10+ years after Episode 12.” That can’t get stale can’t it? Only if there are extended lengths of time between movies and sagas. That’s how you have quality and magic with movies touching each generation. We would move toward what we need to see in movies, more originality and imagination, and move away from reboots and remakes.

There is of course doubt in my mind of what may become of our dearest beloved. Disney gives into the dark temptations of the Star Wars machine, and the magic and quality is lost. No matter how far lost you are, there is always forgiveness. Do you want to do this best way possible, or do you want to be dying in your sons arms telling us “you were right.” I fear Star Wars may become all about the next Skywalker or Solo or Dameron. Episode 24 comes out December 18, 2030! Yoda spin off begins principal photography Jan 4th 2018. It can be done I guess, but you risk tampering with the dark side of fame that is over exposure. You risk losing the magic to quantity and greed.

Let Star Wars take on a life of its own. Let it breathe in new life and new civilizations. Let it boldly go where no one has gone before. Take a lesson from Star Trek if you will. Like in Star Trek, TV series can work, and movies every so often, but not too close to one another. The irony has become to ironic I must admit using the star trek references, but i’d like to see this happen. Game of Thrones, or The Walking Dead are unpredictable, seemingly never ending stories that have bad episodes, but usually right themselves. They carry a reputation about being a kick ass show, and rough patches are eventually forgotten. They’re based off of a creators work and take freedoms with their directions. Star Wars can have one or more critically acclaimed TV series by adopting the right models, but again, you risk too much of a good thing.

So maybe long breaks between trilogies are good. Maybe someone who has yet to see a single Star Wars movie has the next big idea for the Franchise. I’m excited because we get more, but I’m worried Star Wars may lose balance with the very force it created. So what does the future hold for Star Wars? I think no one really does know right now. I hope we figure it out. JJ Abrams and his team feel like our only hope, but no, there is always another. It’s in that hands of the next generation. Clouded your future has become, hmm.

May the force be with you,


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