Review by Chris

Wanna destroy shit?

That’s essentially the pitch for Grabatron.  This was one of my first iOS purchases, and I wanted to give it a spotlight, now that I have a site on which to do so.

Much like the Rampage series, Grabatron understands a simple truth about human nature: we love to destroy shit.  I’m actually surprised Discovery hasn’t used this instinct for a spin-off of how it’s made.  The two shows could air back to back.  You could watch the careful construction of a Ferarri for an hour, then for the next hour, you can give John Goodman a baseball bat and watch him re-enact the stranger scene from The Big Lebowski (call me, Discovery Channel).

I forgot how to gas station…


This rampage simulator puts you in the cockpit of a UFO and sets you lose on a series of 2D maps.  You destroy buildings, abduct people and animals, kill people and animals, complete missions by killing or abducting people and animals, complete other missions by destroying buildings and vehicles, and, well, you get the idea.

Completing objectives gives you gems, which can be used to unlick ships and new levels. If, however, you want to make progress this side of an eon, you can also pay for gems.  That being said, you may find yourself enjoying the soothing therapy of reckless destruction so much that you can earn gems comfortably on your own.

Up and....
Up and….

The game offers both tilt controls and touch joystick controls.  Although tilt cuts down on accidental claw deployments, I found the touch controls gave my UFO much more agility.  Still, I appreciate the variety.

So what’s the verdict of this quickie review?  Well, Grabatron has to be one of my favorite causal iOS games.  If you have a misanthropic sense of humour about alien invasions, and you like the over-the-top sci-fi invasion style, it’s a solid choice.


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