Review by Chris

Being a fan of game and movie reviews before I launched this website, I always thought I would have a strong affinity for ripping apart works that I hated. After all, though I was a fan of Final Fantasy X, Spoony’s epic ripping on the game remains among my favorite reviews on the internet. However, I have come to find that shining a light on and discussing my favorite games has been a far more pleasurable undertaking.

That in mind, opportunity to discuss RWBY (now that its second season has wrapped up) does my heart a world of good. Having been a fan of the 12 amazing seasons of Red Vs Blue, I was entirely willing to give this new project a chance. The visuals took an episode to get used to, but the action is phenomenal, the soundtrack is Jeff Williams (yes, I just used the composer’s name as an adjective), and the humor remains top notch.

Before we go on, take a moment to look at the “Red” trailer for the series. This will give you a good taste of this series, and provide a frame of reference for the rest of the review

The story follows Ruby Rose, a young woman training to become a Huntress in an anime-esque fantasy world. By anime-esque, I mean that it is perfectly reasonable to charge at a row of gun wielding soldiers with a sword and expect to win. Hell, even your own melee weapons have guns in them. EVERYBODY GETS A FRIGGIN GUN!

The main character Ruby is peppy, but shy, which is a stark contrast to her thrill-seeking sister and classmate, Yang. They are teamed up with Weiss, an aristocratic sword fighter, and Blake, a mysterious young woman with a troubled past (she’s not Batman, goddamit!). Aside from those four, there is a growing roster of supporting characters that you will meet throughout the seasons. We have been given some insight into the personal lives and struggles of some of these characters, but we’ve yet to cover all bases. Naturally, some have been critical of the focus of the storyline, insisting that it should be more on Ruby. However, I feel that the show has done a very good job of handling each character’s story, and that it will continue to build and develop its cast with the competence I’ve come to expect from Rooster Teeth.

I praised Jeff Williams on his music earlier, and I wanted to expand. What I like about Jeff’s work is that it manages to be a cut (well) above the rest, while at the same time not being too pretentious. The instrumentals perfect for every scene, and the lyrics can achieve an amazing energy, even when they tell a sad story.

Casey Lee Williams deserves an assload of credit as well. Her vocals have carried through the heavier seasons of Red Vs Blue, and are a fantastic signature to RWBY’s sound. Her talent remarkable and I wouldn’t choose anybody else as a vocalist for this series.

Each episode runs about 8-14 minutes, which forces the story to progress at a faster rate than standard 20-ish minute anime shows. This cuts out a great deal of dicking around and story-stretching that I think brutalizes a lot of anime shows nowadays.

If you are interested in this series, it is available for free on YouTube or on Rooster Teeth’s website. If you are in to animated shows, and the trailer grabbed your attention, give it a shot. I have yet to show a friend that was disappointed.

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