Russian Dancing Men

rdm1Review by Chris

I want to write this review as a form of protest against the fact that Weebl has not developed another iOS game. Weebl, for those of you who don’t know, is an awesome flash animator responsible for songs and videos like this. In fact, I’m sure an entire Zoology course could be taught with his material. It wouldn’t be very informative, but it would sure as hell be entertaining.

Alas, for now we have do with Russian Dancing Men. This obstacle runner (or dancer) sports a roster of favorite characters and songs from Weebl’s series, including (thank GOD) Narwhals!

rdm3With obstacle games like Banana Kong, Temple Run and Run Sackboy Run, the iOS has found a natural genre that fits perfectly with casual gamers. Often times, these types of games are free to download, and are supported by microtransactions. These transactions typically purchase in-game currency, which in turn pays for revives and little extras (skins, power ups, etc) to spice up the game. It seems a little odd to me that in a score-based arcade game, you’d be willing to pay money for an instant revive in order to get a better score, but whatever floats your boat.

Russian Dancing men costs $0.99 (as of today) and offers, for an additional $0.99 each, a Jazz skin for your dancers and the Red Army (a type of invincibility mode). The entire game is a full experience without these extras, and so long as in-app purchases don’t interfere with core gameplay, I’m OK with them.

rdm2So, if you want a solid casual game for your iOS, Russian Dancing Men is a solid option. Fans of Weebl will love it, as I have, and newcomers will get a much needed introduction to his music.  The five difficulty modes can give you anything form a smooth ride to pants-crapping tension.

Now, let’s see a Savlonic collaboration already!

rdm4Also, apparently Weebl teamed up with Brian May of Queen to create this last year. I can’t believe I missed this!

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