Zombie Highway 2

zh1Review by Chris

In my review of el, I talked games that have the capacity to be considered art. This is not one of those games.

I was just a college student when the Zombie craze hit, and boy did it hit hard. Zombie movies, zombie games, zombie books and zombie TV shows reigned supreme. It seemed as though we were anticipating the apocalypse with a macabre giddiness (you can even ask me about my zombie plan).

In the midst of this, Zombie Highway, a fun little iOS game, was released. The premise was simple: drive down a highway cluttered with wreckage and zombies, and shoot until you run out of ammo and either crash or get tipped over by the cannibal horde. You wouldn’t survive, but you sure as hell could take a lot of them down with you. In short, it’s an arcade-style survival mode game (it’s funny how a game mode called “survival mode” is 100% guaranteed to end in your death).

zh2Now we have Zombie Highway 2. Is it worth your time? Is it more of the same? Do I need a third question to appease your obsession with trios? The answer to all three is “yes”.

Zombie Highway 2 is more of the same, but with some improvements. There are more enemies, guns, cars and environments, and the daily challenges when you level up to the Survivor rank is enough to keep the gameplay fresh. One of my favorites is the City Sprint challenge, when you have to clear 2 Miles with unlimited NOS.

The game is loaded with extra guns and vehicles which require in-game gold or cash to purchase. You earn these through regular gameplay or microstransactions (not surprising). You needn’t, however, purchase any currency in order to get a satisfying experience.

zh3The visuals got a considerable upgrade. The classic highway of the first game is now joined by tunnel and city segments, and the randomization of the level structure does well to stave off monotony.   There are even new types of zombies to terrorize you.

Just like the first game, Zombie Highway 2 uses tilt controls and absolutely no gas/breaks, so you’ll have to rely heavily on your steering skills. This works to create a panicked attitude as you struggle to scrape and shoot the voracious zombies off of your car while maneuvering around wreckage.

With a free download and simple gameplay, Zombie Highway 2 is a solid casual game for your iOS device.

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