Mozilla Humble Bundle

By Vladi

Great news for all console-less sods out there! Humble Bundle has teamed up with Mozilla Firefox to provide us with what is most easily described as browser platform gaming. Humble Bundle is an organization which sells game bundles at a price determined by the purchaser. You can pay as much or as little as you like for packs of games. Some higher tier packs have a minimum amount required, but you are well rewarded for your generosity, as there are plenty of perks and extra content for those willing to spend a few extra dollars to support indie game developers.

Recently, Humble Bundle has released an 8-game bundle for the Mozilla browser. The titles are as follows: Super Hexagon, Aaaaaa! For The Awesome, Osmos, Zen Bound 2, Dustforce DX, Voxatron, FTL: Advanced Edition and Democracy 3. Now, being a non-hip slave to more popular games like DotA 2, Starcraft II and Counterstrike GO, I am not too familiar with these titles. However, the general consensus on the all-knowing internet is that they are BALL DROPPINGLY AWESOME! And really, who am I, or you (yes, YOU!) to argue with the intenetz?

Mozilla's Browser Game
Mozilla’s Browser Game

Also, a cool part about buying these bundles is that you get to achieve the status of being better a human being without even getting your soggy gamer ass off your chair. But Mr. Author Blogger Guy, how do I achieve this amazing feat? Well, Mr/Ms. Blogger Reader, it is so easy that even YOU can do it! When you purchase these bundles, portions of the sales automatically go to charities. Some of the charities have been Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Charity: Water and the American Red Cross.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had much  experience with charity work and the such, and I’ve always been highly skeptical of how they work, and more importantly, how the funds are allocated. As such a person, I think that’s a really great addition, allowing the customers to have a say in where their dollar can do the most good.


I have to say, I really look forward to seeing where this kind of technology might take us. In the last couple of years, Cloud-based systems, like Steam, have been making a lot of headway, and steadily pushing some obsolete practices out the door. I, for one, can’t remember the last time I bought a physical copy of a PC game. I get most of my games through the Blizzard and Steam clouds. It is interesting to think that one day (maybe not too far from now), we’ll be able to play our top tier PC games simply from our browsers, without having to download or upload anything. Imagine being able to play any game you’ve paid from any computer in the world, without having to spend the customary 3-10 hours downloading and installing it. My balls, for one (two?), drop at the very idea.

Here’s a link to where you can try out some of these games. So far, I’ve only had a chance to play Voxatron, and I have to say it’s quite fun. It’s a simple run-around-and-shoot-shit game, with the added pleasure of watching pixalated shit explode into tiny colourful pixels. Who am I to refuse the simple joys in life?

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