Goblin Sword

Gob sw1Review by Chris

While scanning the screenshots in the App Store, it’s fairly evident what you can expect from Goblin Sword.  Two directional arrows, a jump button and an attack button make for a fairly minimalist setup for your quest through the game’s three chapters.

I hate spiders.With that information in mind, I was skeptical when purchasing Goblin Sword.  I’ve seen some poorly made games try to slide in under the banner of “retro”, and this game, with its visual style and simple controls, definitely fits the “retro” label.

Luckily, this is a proper tribute to the classics.  The game plays smoothly and offers a steady supply of fresh enemies and obstacles to keep this platformer going strong.  The three chapters contain over 18 stages (bosses included) each, and offers the player the side objectives to increase the play time.

Gob sw3You are offered an arsenal of swords and trinkets to aid you in your progression (my favorite was a companion ghost).  These can be bought by collecting gold and unlocking secret chests in the dungeons. Aside from reaching the final boss, the game has variety of achievement-style quests like “collect all treasures in Chapter One” and “beat level 3-7 in under 32 seconds”.

As I’m hammering away at 100% completion of the game right now, it seems superfluous to say that I recommend Goblin Sword.  The $0.99 price is easily worthwhile if you are looking for a swords, goblins and dungeons platformer for your iOS device.

I remember when you could get a flaming sword and a soda pop for just 3 gold pieces.
I remember when you could get a flaming sword and a soda pop for just 3 gold pieces.  Those were the days…

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