Bleed 1

Review by Chris

2D fast-paced shoot-em-up platformer–  this is Bleed put in its simplest terms, and I love it.  You play as Wryn: a peppy aspiring hero.  Eager for the adulation of an admiring world, she sets out to do the only thing you can do with such a lofty yet noble goal: she resolves to knock off all the other heroes.

Are there any foes that cannot be vanquished by a katana?

The story doesn’t go to great lengths to pull you in, but then it was never supposed to.  Wryn is a charming and funny protagonist. Her utter lack of awareness to the damage her quest would do sets the perfect comedic tone for the story mode, and her endearing personality carries us through.

Pew Pew Pew
Pew Pew Pew

The combat consists of fighting through levels of enemies with an alphabetical score bar (in the tradition of Devil May Cry) to track your effectiveness.  You have an arsenal of weapons (by which I mean dual pistols and a bunch of other stylish weapons whose effectiveness is dwarfed by the dual pistols), a power dash and a special ability to slow down time 300 style mid battle.  Each level has its distinct obstacles, but nothing that I could consider to be too puzzling. This layout ensures the pace of the game isn’t broken.  You’ll be mostly relying on your own reflexes and on-the-fly judgement.  This all leads to fun, over-the-top level runs on difficulties ranging from Easy to Very Hard.

Robo-Wryn does some extreme renovations.

There is also an arcade mode, which forces you to try the entire campaign in one shot, a sharp contrast to the infinite chances you have in Story Mode.  If you are tired of the level-by-level gameplay, you can step into Arena Mode and challenge up to any 3 bosses you want at once.

This train is hauling a year's supply of whole sale whoop-ass!
This train is hauling a year’s supply of wholesale whoop-ass!

This $5 Steam game (as of publish date) earns a solid recommendation from me if you are looking for an arcade-style platformer with a fun protagonist and a sense of humor (and guns, lasers, katanas, missiles… you get the picture).

I’m anticipating Bleed’s upcoming sequel.  Actually, I hope it spawns many sequels.  Wryn should be a gaming icon dammit!


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